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Entry #5

metal gear is really not that original

2009-03-01 01:05:01 by foolishbunny

it hurts me too earlier i found some stuff that found Snake wasbased off movies and now raiden and rose are based off of titanic get it " jack & rose" when will it stop?????!!!!

but it's still my favorite game franchise yet if you have no idea what i'm talking about check my other posts


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2009-03-29 18:57:03

anime sux


2009-04-27 16:18:27

just because they share names doesn't mean its based off of the movie titanic. Jack and Rose are really common names.


2009-05-18 22:45:00

Metal gear makes alot of references, like Kerotan, Super Mario, or yea even Titanic. War. don't forget war. Most poeple would laugh a bit by noticing the little references they make.