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Metal gear isn't as original as we thought

2008-08-19 00:56:59 by foolishbunny

I'm a giant fan of metal gear i grew up on it since my dad played it and soon i began to pretend to be him and draw sketches i thought that the story line was original and amazing and i even brought toys and cosplayed snake...

but i recently saw a movie called "escape from newyork"
where i found a ton of similaritys between the two
the main character name

is snake Plissken

Plissken being snakes false name in mgs 2

both soldiers were assumed to be dead (mgs2)

both legendary soldiers

both had to rescue the president... who was tied up in both

both team up with a dorky person
(harold in efny) and (hal in mgs) see how similar it is just tahe off the r.o.d and you'll get otacon's real name

both hair styles are similar

both have eye patches

even the voices are the same

Plissken weres a bandanna around his leg

Snake weres a banbanna around his head

the entry scene looks a lot like vr training

they both have that bad ass attitude...

and theres a cqc scene when he's fighting

president looks alike

and one of the actor names was bruce campell in escape from L.A.

theres a sequel escape from L.A.

don't believe me heres some links and yeah it was made before metal gear solid SyHE&feature=related uoHI&feature=related dWJE&feature=related k7fU&feature=related 0/ 4HkE&feature=related YBUo&NR=1

sorry i didn't see escape form L.A. yet so i cant go on about that but I'm sure theres
more stuff that influenced metal gear solid

but thats my share

i still love metal gear though... rock on snakes


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2008-08-19 01:29:21

don't bother watching Escape from L.A.
it's not as good as Escape from New York.

I see what you mean, and it's true. But think about this, every game creator needs some kind of inspiration, so it a good thing they had this movie.
Otherwise, there wouldn't have been Metal Gear Solid.

foolishbunny responds:

i agree i get inspired for alot of stuff like this anime i'm making right now... but Hideo should have at least changed the name and my dad said the same thing about escape from L.A. thanx for the comment though


2008-08-19 03:27:44

Kojima alreday said thats how he got the idea for Snake,
Many times.

also the go watch Terminator 1
and look at a metal gear game box:)

allot of this stuff is in the books and articals found on the internets
with most being done by Kojima them self

and i think both those movies rocked

foolishbunny responds:

i see but he really should have changed the name